konrad kopp

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currently building the future of web3 accounts at rhinestone


open source

  • Rhinestone: various open source projects around modular account abstraction
  • Diamond Account: first modular smart account inspired by ERC-2535 (finalist at ETHDenver 23)
  • MinimalAccount: the most gas optimized ERC-4337 account - written in Huff
  • ERC-7579: standardizing modular smart accounts in a minimal way
  • ERC-7484: standardising adapters for modular smart accounts to verify the security of modules using a Module Registry
  • RetroPGF: on-chain retroactive public goods funding protocol


  • ChainBook: on-chain contact book for improving web3 UX (built for the Consensys InnovationsLab)
  • FairShare: social-experiment platform for sharing study notes (part of Hedgefox)

writings & talks





  • Founder of rhinestone: building infrastructure for the future of web3 accounts



  • Founder of Signet: redefining loyalty programs by bringing them on-chain
  • Founder of Hedgefox: data infrastructure for edtech companies to improve their matching and services [exited]


  • University of Oxford: undergraduate in philosophy, politics and economics
  • University of Vienna: studied law for a year while doing mandatory civil service
  • AIS Vienna: top 1% worldwide in IB final exams